Fundamentals of How to Train for 10K for Beginner Runners

Vijay PandeyHi to all beginner runners aspiring to train for 10K! This is Vijay, instructor of the course, Couch to 10K Basics – Preparing for Your First Run. If you followed the previous post, you would already have information about the course. In this post, I take this opportunity to tell you why I created this course.

When I began serious running in 2014, little did I know that it would be such a rewarding experience. However, I must admit that I got off on a rocky start and encountered a number of challenges like anybody else does when they do something out of their comfort zone. There are days when one has to deal with the lack of motivation and the fear of failure. Also, we often start by using the wrong technique and if that’s not enough, injuries play spoilsport too.

I realized that it is important for beginner runners who want to train for 10K to give due importance to the five pillars of running. These are strength training, stretching, eating the right food, adequate sleep, and cross training. Further, we learn many other aspects by trial and error such as the choice of clothes and footwear. First timers also look up the Internet for information. Inevitably, they get inundated by the seemingly endless and often conflicting experiences!

I have literally spent hundreds of hours on research and learnt things the hard way. So, this course is the sum total of my learning over the years put in a distilled easy-to-grab form for beginner runners. I wish I had something like this when I started out.

train for 10K

Train for 10K with due importance to nutrition

Did you know, beetroot acts as a brilliant fuel for the muscles? Or, a smoothie can repair your jangled nerves after a hard run?

Some people have excellent work ethics when it comes to regular training but they let themselves loose the moment they spot food. So the chapter on nutrition was included to ensure that you consume the best quality energy-dense high-return foods. The idea is to look at running holistically, just not from the point of view of “speed” or “distance.” At the end of the day, you should be able to enjoy what you do. Hopefully, you will stay in for the long haul because running is a lifelong companion you seek for a healthy life.

train for 10K

Further, I have read about the training and eating habits of some of the top marathoners in the world. Most of them are fierce on the field but lead bare-basics meaningful lives connected to the grassroots. It has been my endeavor that I bring some of their flavor to this course and propel people training for their first 10K towards the best athletes they can be.

I have intentionally kept supplements, energy drinks, and tablets out of this course so as I don’t clutter your mind with marketing. Whatever you need as a runner is bountiful in nature. It has taken me a few months to put it all together and I sincerely hope you like what you see. Should you have any questions about the course or the underlying methodology, I’ll be glad to answer.

Till then, Happy running!

Vijay Pandey

Click this link to access Couch to 10K Basics – How to Prepare for Your First Run.

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