Announcing Our Online Running Course with a Remarkable Offer

Online Running CourseBetelvine recently launched the online running course, Couch to 10K Basics – How to Prepare for Your First Run. With this, we have opened our innings in eLearning with a course under the ‘Lifestyle’ category. What is the “remarkable” offer, you may ask. Well, the course is FREE! You simply need to click the green ‘Enroll Now’ button on the right and you are in!

What constitutes our Lifestyle category? How we have we defined ‘lifestyle’…

‘Lifestyle’ for Betelvine is a way of life that helps us come closer to our authentic self. Our authentic self is a caring, thinking, and all-encompassing entity. It cares for its body, mind, and spirit, and strives to keep all three infused with vigour, intelligence, and abundance. Our authentic self also cares equally for every part—small and big—of the ecosystem it lives in. It has the intellectual sophistication to weigh the consequence of each of its actions and utterances on the ecosystem. And, it has the capability to take decisions that are a win-win for all. Therefore, living a life of minimal harm to self and to the ecosystem is the essence of our most authentic self.

How the online running course, Couch to 10K Basics, fits in our Lifestyle category

First, Couch to 10K Basics is about ‘fitness’ that entails caring for the self in a simple, minimalist way. Secondly, it supports the point of ‘fitness running’ on a ‘plant-based diet’ – a diet that is gaining rapid favor in the world as a compassionate, ecologically sustainable way of life. This course demonstrates to anyone how to run a stress- and injury-free 10K distance following a structured plant-powered approach. Anyone concerned about proteins can lay their apprehensions to rest to give way to a world of discoveries!

Some screenshots and video clips from Couch to 10K Basics online running course

Online Running Course

Online Running Course

Online Running Course

Introducing the Subject Matter Expert of the course

The Couch to 10K Basics – How to Prepare for Your First Run online running course is instructed by Vijay Pandey, a plant powered ultra-marathoner from Bangalore. Vijay began running in 2014 after reading Scott Jurek’s, Eat & Run and has since then completed many half marathons, full marathons, and ultra-marathons. He is currently training for the triathlons.

Vijay enjoys helping people take up running has a fitness sport and achieve their PBs or personal bests. This course draws from his personal experience of transitioning from a couch potato to a fit runner. Apart from Scott Jurek, Vijay has been closely following the guidance of other famed plant-powered runners such as Brendan Brazier, Rich Roll, and Sage Kennedy. You can read more about Vijay here.

Teaching methodology

Couch to 10K Basics – How to Prepare for Your First Run uses the following teaching methodology:

    • 50 minutes of video instructions with stock videos, lively animations, colourful photographs, tables & charts, and infographics spaced out under the following five topics: 1) An Overview to Running 2) Prepare Yourself to Run 3) Nutrition and Sleep 4) Training Plan and Exercises 5) The Zen of Running
    • 3 supplemental materials consisting of an article on nutrition by the instructor, the 8-week training plan chart, and the strength-training exercises with instructions.
    • This is not where it ends; there is a discussion forum too, where the instructor shares updates and information, students can ask questions, and so on. We want to make learning collaborative and ongoing.
Where Couch to 10K Basics is hosted

This online running course is hosted on Udemy – one of the leading and best eLearning platforms cum marketplaces. Udemy has revolutionized eLearning in many ways. For one, it has made course creation and hosting doable for anyone who has the subject matter expertise on any topic along with an appreciation for eLearning. At the same time, Udemy has established that it is not necessary to have big funds to be able to share expertise at the global level through the eLearning medium.

Click this link to access Couch to 10K Basics – How to Prepare for Your First Run.

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