Announcing Our Human Rights Course, Enrolment is FREE

human rights courseLast month, Betelvine, with the help of a seed grant from social change funders, The Pollination Project, launched the human rights course titled, Application of Human Rights Framework – The Basics. Enrolment is completely FREE! When you click the green ‘Enroll Now’ button on the right hand side of the course page, you are in! Since we launched the course, there have been 700+ enrolments. We are also extremely thankful to the instructors of another free course titled, Introduction to Human Rights for recommending our product to those of their students who want to “deepen” their knowledge of human rights.

With this, we have launched one course each under the Lifestyle and Human Rights categories. It is getting exciting now! Waiting to revel our next category!

The vision of Betelvine’s Human Rights category

The subject of human rights is a very important part of our vision of creating eLearning for social change. We feel that human rights education is necessary for the following two reasons:

    1. To develop informed and active citizens who are empowered to enjoy and exercise their rights as well as respect and defend the rights of others
    2. To develop informed and active citizens who are empowered to ask the State the right questions in order to get positive outcomes

Our goal is to help create a society where more and more people use their positive power by developing the boundless potential of their emotional intelligence quotient. In this way, we also want to help transform negative power relations in the society. With this vision in mind, let’s meet the instructor of the course and see what the course has to offer.

Introducing the Subject Matter Expert of the Human Rights course

human rights courseThe Application of Human Rights Framework – The Basics online human rights course is instructed by Kalpalata Dutta, an international human rights law expert, researcher, and educator. Kalpalata has more than 10 years of experience in developing learning programs and resources for human rights activists, lawyers, academics, and professionals. This is the first time she is using the eLearning medium to teach.

Kalpalata currently heads the Asian Institute of Human Rights (AIHR) based in Bangkok. In her job role, she is in charge of designing programs for strengthening national human rights institutions, the judiciary, the legal profession, and non-governmental organizations. She also coordinates studies conducted by the Institute. She has designed and conducted trainings on budget monitoring, court watch programs, and workshops and short study sessions on human rights for representatives of NGOs, government agencies, and independent agencies. Besides this, she has also authored and co-authored a number of research reports and human rights checklists.

Kalpalata is currently pursuing PhD at the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University, Bangkok. She holds a Masters Degree in Law, with specialization in Human Rights from Central European University, Hungary and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, from the University of Delhi.

Watch Kalpalata introduce the course in the video below.

Teaching methodology of the Human Rights course

Application of Human Rights Framework – The Basics uses the following teaching methodology:

    • 90 minutes of video instructions spaced out over four lessons
    • Concepts throughout the course explained with the help of colourful Infographics for better retention
    • 11 intermediate-level Infographics made available as downloadable posters
    • Intermittent ‘Question for Reflection’ throughout the course to help learners think and recall past information
    • 2 worked out Case Studies, available as downloadable material
    • 3 Practice Exercises with Solution Key, available as downloadable material
    • In addition, learners can utilize the discussion forum to ask questions to the instructor and clarify doubts. We want to make learning collaborative and ongoing.

Please click this link to access Application of Human Rights Framework – The Basics. Enrolment is FREE.

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