Watch the ‘Expert Talk’ Video of Our First Gender Equality Course

gender equalityEarly this month, we released the ‘Expert Talk’ video of our first course in the Gender Equality category. The course titled, ‘From Patriarchy to Equality – Be the Change’ has turned out to be a good 5 hours of eLearning! It is ready to launch anytime now! ‘Gender’ is the third category we will launch with this course; Lifestyle and Human Rights being the first two categories.

In this ‘Expert Talk’ video, instructor Kamla Bhasin introduces herself and gives an overview about the course. We love it that she calls the course a “life skill course!” We have endeavoured to ensure that learners can practice the information gained from the course in real life. Otherwise, gender and related concepts remain at a crevice in the intellectual part of our brains. Therefore, our goal through this course is to help learners apply concepts, principles, and theories to analyse their individual situations. This churning, we believe, will form the starting point for change.

As Ms. Bhasin puts it, it is true that hundreds and thousands of years of conditioning cannot vanish overnight. But we all will be glad if it ignites critical thoughts in learners.

Here is the video of our first course in the Gender Equality category

We are pleased to note that there has been a lot of curiosity about the course. Many people are happy that they can get to do a course by the illustrious Kamla Bhasin without having to travel to her in-person workshops. Well, that’s the unique feature of eLearning. It can transgress time and distance and reach its audience anywhere in the world. With Internet broadband connections gradually reaching the nooks and corners of the world, eLearning is projected to have a bright future.

Please standby with us for the launch. We should come back with the announcement soon.

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