Behind the Scenes Footage from Our First Gender Course

gender courseWe are delighted to bring some behind the scene footage from our first gender course that we recorded recently. This recording was an extraordinary experience with the illustrious instructor, Ms. Kamla Bhasin, and Mohammad Uvais, an audio-video wizard. We recorded around five hours of content in 10 hours’ time, which is an enviable record! This speaks favorably about the proficiency of the team in their respective areas of expertise. Also, we prepared well and ahead for the shoot, apprehending risks and trying to eliminate them.

‘Gender’ is the third category we will launch with this course; Lifestyle and Human Rights being the former two categories. We are looking at two months from now to launch the gender course. Please enjoy some footage while we get the course ready!

Behind the scenes footage – 1  from our first gender course

We used Canon EOS 60 for the video filming with cutting edge audio technology for pristine sound. It was a valuable learning experience getting the entire set ready. This involved positioning the lights to optimally light up the ‘white infinity background’ and the instructor’s face. This also involved adjusting the camera at the optimal height and distance from the instructor. What’s more, we even set up a DIY ‘teleprompter’ using the laptop! The results were pretty impressive; admittedly some polishing will be required for future shoots.

Behind the scenes footage – 2 from our first gender course

These are the very last minutes of the shoot, where the instructor ends with a poem composed by her. She recites the English version as per the script and once it ends, she gets into a celebratory mood and begins reciting the poem in its original Hindi version. She does not realize that the camera is still rolling! We were lucky to have captured these prized moments. Anyone who knows Ms. Kamla Bhasin will testify that she is among the most engaging social scientists and an ardent campaigner of gender issues. And those who don’t, well, it is a great opportunity to make a wonderful new ally through her eLearning modules.

So friends, ‘From Patriarchy to Equality – Be the Change’ is coming shortly…


Photo credit: Pixabay

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