Tips to Achieve Conversational Tone in Instructional Writing

conversational tone
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In this post, we spoke about how as an instructional strategy, we use the conversational tone to engage the learner. We said that a conversational tone comprises simplicity of expression, precision at information sharing, friendliness in approach, and encourages reflection. It is not commanding, preachy, or patronizing. Continue reading “Tips to Achieve Conversational Tone in Instructional Writing”

Two Important Considerations for Instructional Strategy

Instructional Strategy
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At the simplest, instructional strategy for an eLearning course means the approach taken to deliver or teach the content. The bottom line is that people learn best when we are able to stimulate and engage them. How to deliver the content in a manner that it engages the learner is the question we should be asking. That would help in formulating the instructional strategy. Continue reading “Two Important Considerations for Instructional Strategy”

Three Cs of Instructional Writing That You Will Want to Implement

instructional writing
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Instructional writing is distinct from the other types of writing for its clear, coherent, and concise style of expression. This style is especially suited for eLearning, where brevity is paramount. In this article, we will discuss the three Cs of instructional writing that together work to provide a lucrative learning experience to learners enrolled in eLearning courses. Continue reading “Three Cs of Instructional Writing That You Will Want to Implement”