Welcome to Betelvine!

We are an eLearning forum with expertise in creating online courses.

We are also zealous about bringing positive change in the world.

Powered by subject matter expertise in a number of developmental topics, we also have instructional design, writing, and editing talent by our side.

We strongly believe in the words, “be the change you want to see in this world.” And, we want to change the world through eLearning.

Why the name ‘Betelvine’

Betelvine derives its name from the evergreen betel vine plant with heart-shaped leaves.

Besides imparting knowledge and skills, we have envisioned our eLearning products to spread boundless love, compassion, understanding, awareness, and empathy. And, we found a parallel in nature in the evergreen betel vine plant with heart-shaped leaves to symbolize our imaginings… 🙂